Tennessee - Emergency Operations Plans: Policy or Plan Requirements

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law requires districts to develop school emergency operations plans (EOPs) that do not include procedures for plan review and update.

Rules of the Tennessee Department of Education 0520-01-03.03 ADMINISTRATION OF SCHOOLS.

(15) Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plans.

  • (a) Each local school system shall have a multi-hazard emergency operations plan to include, but not be limited to, fire, tornado, earthquake, flood, bomb threat, and armed intrusion.
  • (b) Each school shall practice emergency safety procedures.
  • (c) Each local education agency having jurisdiction that lies entirely or partially within 100 miles of the New Madrid Fault Line shall implement earthquake preparedness drills in each of the schools administered by such local education agency. The Guidebook for Developing a School Earthquake Safety Program published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency shall serve as the model plan for local education agencies to consider when adopting plans for earthquake preparedness drills. Affected local education agencies shall review and consider the entire guidebook to assure that their schools provide the optimal safety conditions for their students.
  • (d) Each school administered by a local education agency having jurisdiction that lies entirely or partially within 100 miles of the New Madrid Fault Line shall conduct at least two (2) earthquake preparedness drills every school year. A record of the earthquake preparedness drills, including the time and date, shall be kept in the respective schools and shall be made available upon request by the Department of Education.
  • (e) Each school that utilizes a two-way communication system shall ensure teaches and other personnel are properly and adequately trained on the use of the system.
  • (f) Alternate schools must maintain a two-way communication system.

2017 Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-804. Adoption of comprehensive plans.

(a) Each LEA shall adopt a comprehensive district-wide school safety plan and building-level school safety plans regarding crisis intervention, emergency response and emergency management. The plans shall be developed by a district-wide school safety team and a building-level school safety team established pursuant to this part and shall follow the template developed by the state-level safety team. An LEA having only one (1) school building shall develop a single building-level school safety plan, which shall also fulfill all requirements for development of a district-wide plan.

(b) Any meeting concerning school security, the district-wide school safety plans or the building-level school safety plans shall not be subject to the open meetings laws compiled in title 8, chapter 44. Though closed to the general public, reasonable notice shall be provided to the general public prior to such a meeting. The board shall not discuss or deliberate on any other issues or subjects during such a meeting.

(c) Each LEA shall provide to the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction the LEA's plans regarding school security, district-wide school safety plans and building-level school safety plans, as well as information, records, and plans that are related to school security.
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