Alaska - Multi-hazard Practice Drills: Program Requirements

Program Requirement
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State law requires districts to implement multi-hazard practice drills (e.g., fire, lockdown, active shooter, or evacuation drills) without requiring inter-agency coordination.

Alaska Statutes 2017 Section 14.33.100 Required school crisis response planning.

(d) Each district shall provide to each district employee training in crisis response, including evacuation and lockdown drills. New district employees who have not previously received the training required under this subsection shall receive the required training within two years after the first day of employment and, thereafter, according to the schedule adopted by the governing body of a school district.

Alaska Statutes 2017 Section 14.03.140 Emergency drills.

The principal or other persons in charge of each public or private school or educational institution shall instruct and train pupils by means of drills so that in an emergency they may be able to leave the school building in the shortest possible time without confusion or panic. Drills shall be held at least once each month during the school term, weather permitting.

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