Minnesota - Multi-hazard Practice Drills: Program Requirements

Program Requirement
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State law requires districts to implement multi-hazard practice drills (e.g., fire, lockdown, active shooter, or evacuation drills) without requiring inter-agency coordination.

Minnesota Statutes 2018 Education code, Chapter 121A Student rights, responsibilities, and behavior, 121A.035 Crisis management policy.

Subdivision 1.  Model policy. The commissioner shall maintain and make available to school boards and charter schools a model crisis management policy that includes, among other items, school lock-down and tornado drills, consistent with subdivision 2, and school fire drills under section 299F.30.
Subd. 2.  School district and charter school policy. A school board and a charter school must adopt a crisis management policy to address potential violent crisis situations in the district or charter school. The policy must be developed cooperatively with administrators, teachers, employees, students, parents, community members, law enforcement agencies, other emergency management officials, county attorney offices, social service agencies, emergency medical responders, and any other appropriate individuals or organizations. The policy must include at least five school lock-down drills, five school fire drills consistent with section 299F.30, and one tornado drill.

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