Arkansas - Safety and Security Partnerships: Partnerships

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State law authorizes the placement of local law enforcement or security personnel on school campuses through MOUs or partnership agreements.

2017 Arkansas Code 6-10-128. School resource officers

(a) A school district board of directors may accept from a local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction a school resource officer to assist with school security, safety, emergency preparedness, emergency response, or any other responsibility assigned to the school resource officer by the school or law enforcement agency.

2017 Arkansas Code 12-9-501. Law Enforcement Officer Training and Standards - Legislative determination

(d) (1) The General Assembly further recognizes that:

  • (B) Matters of public school campus safety require specialized education and training for law enforcement officers, school resource officers, and other school personnel who respond to incidents on school campuses:
    • (i) To develop and maintain strong partnerships between school personnel and law enforcement in preventing and responding to acts of violence, terrorism, and natural disaster that occur on public school campuses;
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