Arizona - Tobacco-Free Environments: Policy or Plan Requirements

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law prohibits any smoking or use of tobacco products on school grounds when students are present and/or requires districts to adopt tobacco-free school policies that address some CDC components.

Arizona Revised Statutes 15-342 Discretionary powers

  1. Unless otherwise prohibited by law, sell advertising as follows:
    • (a) Advertisements shall be age appropriate and not contain promotion of any substance that is illegal for minors such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs or gambling. Advertisements shall comply with the state sex education policy of abstinence.

Arizona Revised Statutes 36-798.03. Tobacco products prohibition at schools and school-related areas; exception; violation; classification

A. Tobacco products are prohibited on school grounds, inside school buildings, in school parking lots or playing fields, in school buses or vehicles or at off-campus school sponsored events. For purposes of this subsection, “school” means any public, charter or private school where children attend classes in kindergarten programs or grades one through twelve.
B. Subsection A of this section does not apply to an adult who employs tobacco products as a necessary component of a school sanctioned tobacco prevention or cessation program established pursuant to section 15-712.
C. A person who violates this section is guilty of a petty offense.

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