Minnesota - Transportation Safety—safety equipment: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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State law addresses bus safety equipment by authorizing the use of either stop-arm cameras or the installation of school bus seat belts.

Minnesota Statutes 2018 Transportation, Chapter 169 Traffic regulations 169.447 School bus and head start bus safety

Subd. 2a.  Passenger lap and shoulder belts.
(a) In addition to the requirements in section 169.4501, subdivision 1, a school bus may be equipped with an approved lap belt or an approved lap and shoulder belt installed for each passenger-seating position on the bus. The design and installation of lap belts and lap and shoulder belts required under this paragraph must meet the standards of the commissioner established under paragraph (b).
(b) The commissioner shall consider all concerns necessary to properly integrate lap belts or lap and shoulder belts into the current compartmentalization safety system and prescribe standards for the design and installation of lap and shoulder belts required under paragraph (a). The standards are not subject to chapter 14 and are specifically not subject to section 14.386.

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