Texas - Transportation Safety—safety equipment: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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State law addresses bus safety equipment by authorizing the use of either stop-arm cameras or the installation of school bus seat belts.

Texas Statutes Transportation Code 547.701 Additional Equipment Requirements for School Buses and Other Buses Used to Transport Schoolchildren

(e) A bus operated by or contracted for use by a school district for the transportation of schoolchildren shall be equipped with a three-point seat belt for each passenger, including the operator. This subsection does not apply to:

  • (1) a bus purchased by a school district that is a model year 2017 or earlier; or

  • (2) a bus purchased by a school district that is a model year 2018 or later if the board of trustees for the school district:

    • (A) determines that the district’s budget does not permit the district to purchase a bus that is equipped with the seat belts required by this subsection; and

    • (B) votes to approve that determination in a public meeting.

Texas Statutes Education Code 34.012 Three-Point Seat Belt Instruction; Information Clearinghouse

(a) The State Board of Education shall develop and make available to each school district a program of instruction in the proper use of a three-point seat belt.

(b) The State Board of Education shall serve as a clearinghouse of best practices for school districts seeking the most efficient and sensible information regarding school bus safety, including possible compliance with Section 547.701, Transportation Code, using school buses originally purchased without seat belts.

Texas Statutes Education Code 34.013 Bus Seat Belt Policy

A school district shall require a student riding a bus operated by or contracted for operation by the district to wear a seat belt if the bus is equipped with seat belts for all passengers on the bus. A school district may implement a disciplinary policy to enforce the use of seat belts by students.

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