Wisconsin - Transportation Safety—safety equipment: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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State law addresses bus safety equipment by authorizing the use of either stop-arm cameras or the installation of school bus seat belts.

Wisconsin Administrative Code Trans 300.81 Authorized optional equipment

(7) CAMERA, AUDIO MONITOR OR RECORDING DEVICE / COMPUTER ANTENNA. A school bus may be equipped with a camera, audio monitor or recording device, or computer antenna subject to the following conditions:

  • (a) When a device is mounted in the driver's compartment it shall be located so as to not interfere with movement into and out of step well area. When a camera is placed to view through the windshield it shall not be located to the left of the centerline of the school bus. The camera shall be mounted not more than 2 inches below the upper edge of the area swept by the windshield wipers and located outside the driver's sight lines to the road, mirrors, highway signs and signals.
  • (b) The device may not interfere with driver visibility and passenger entrance and aisle.
  • (c) A device mounted in the rear of the school bus shall not protrude more than 6 inches forward of the rear bulkhead or from the ceiling.
  • (d) A maximum of two devices may be located near the middle of a school bus, if they do not protrude more than 4 inches and are located no more than 15 inches above the side windows that are not emergency exits, measured from the edge of the window frame directly to the device. The device or devices shall be mounted parallel to a seat back. If flush mounted, the device or devices may be located beyond the 15 inch separation from the side window.
  • (e) All devices shall be securely fastened and contained within a shatterproof housing. All exposed edges or sharp corners shall be protected or designed to prevent injury upon contact.
  • (f) External devices shall be contained within a shatterproof housing.
  • (g) A video display, if utilized, shall be mounted in the driver's compartment and within or in close proximity to the forward field of view of the driver. It shall not restrict visibility of the driver's sight lines to the road, mirrors, highway signs and signals, or affect operation of the school bus controls. The video display may be incorporated as part of the interior rear view mirror and display an image when the parking brake is applied, warning lamps are activated, or transmission is in reverse.
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