Alaska - Transportation Safety—safety training: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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State law requires districts to establish transportation plans or policies addressing bus driver safety training.

Alaska Administrative Code 4 AAC 27.220. Minimum standards for school bus driver training courses

To successfully complete a school bus driver training course approved under 4 AAC 27.200(c), a person must do the following to the satisfaction of the instructor:

  • (1) identify the major mechanical component systems of a school bus;
  • (2) complete a pre-trip inspection of a school bus;
  • (3) adjust the driver's seat of a school bus so that all controls can be reached easily;
  • (4) adjust the mirrors of a school bus for optimum visibility;
  • (5) demonstrate starting and stopping the bus smoothly using proper coordination of accelerator, clutch where applicable and brakes;
  • (6) stop a school bus a specified distance from another object or point using over the hood, rear and curb reference points;
  • (7) where applicable shift gears on a moving school bus in a manner that provides a safe ride to passengers and avoids damage and unnecessary wear to the bus components;
  • (8) where applicable, demonstrate the use of shifting in slowing and stopping the bus;
  • (9) turn a corner in a school bus while keeping the bus in the correct lane of traffic;
  • (10) back up a school bus in a straight line, and turn the bus around by backing into a side street under conditions of both ample and limited space;
  • (11) explain and demonstrate defensive driving skills which may help prevent accidents in school buses in spite of incorrect actions of others;
  • (12) demonstrate procedures for properly loading and unloading students;
  • (13) explain techniques for managing the behavior of students on a school bus in a positive way;
  • (14) explain proper actions to take during driving emergencies;
  • (15) locate and explain how to use emergency equipment found on school buses;
  • (16) explain and demonstrate procedures for safely positioning a school bus on a road after a mechanical breakdown or emergency situation;
  • (17) demonstrate procedures for safely evacuating passengers of a school bus; and
  • (18) demonstrate procedures for properly crossing railroad tracks in a school bus.
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