Iowa - Transportation Safety—safety training: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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State law encourages districts to establish transportation plans or policies that address bus driver safety training.

2018 Iowa Code 285.10 Title VII Education and Cultural Affairs, Subtitle 6 School Districts, Chapter 285 State Aid for Transportation - Powers and duties of local boards.

The powers and duties of the local school boards shall be to:

    1. Provide transportation for each resident pupil who attends public school, and each resident pupil who attends a nonpublic school, and who is entitled to transportation under the laws of this state.
    1. Establish, maintain, and operate bus routes for the transportation of pupils so as to provide for the economical and efficient operation thereof without duplication of facilities, and to properly safeguard the health and safety of the pupils transported.

Iowa Administrative Code, Education Department, Title VIII School transportation, Chapter 43 Pupil transporation 281 43.10(285) Permitted uses listed.

School buses may be used to transport pupils under the following conditions:

  • 43.10(1) The program is a part of the regular or extracurricular program of a public school and has been so adopted and made a matter of record in the minutes of all the boards involved.
  • 43.10(2) The pupils are enrolled in a public school.
  • 43.10(3) The program or activity must be sponsored by a school or group of schools cooperatively and be under the direct control of a qualified teacher or recreational or playground director of a school district.
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