Maryland - Transportation Safety—safety training: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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State law requires districts to establish transportation plans or policies addressing bus driver safety training.

2017 Code of Maryland 13A.06.07.03 Program.

A. This chapter applies to the local school systems that provide transportation services for public school students and students with disabilities for whom transportation is provided under Education Article, § 8-410, Annotated Code of Maryland, in a public school, a school maintained by a State agency, and a nonpublic school.

B. A local school system is responsible for the safe operation of its student transportation system and shall conform to the regulations promulgated by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Maryland State Board of Education, and the procedures and guidelines established by the Department.

C. A school system may adopt policies and procedures that do not conflict with existing federal and State statute, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

D. Local policies and procedures may exceed the minimum requirements established in this chapter.

2017 Code of Maryland 13A.06.07.09 Instructional Content Requirements.

B. In-Service Instruction for School Vehicle Drivers.

  • (1) At least 6 hours of in-service instruction shall be provided annually.
  • (2) Five hours shall have an emphasis on safety procedures, strategies, and laws.
  • (3) In-service instruction topics:
    • (a) Shall be selected from the core or advanced units of the school vehicle driver instruction program developed by the Department; and
    • (b) May include other topics contained in the National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Course, controlled substances and alcohol regulations, or personnel and student safety issues.
  • (4) One hour of the 6 hours of in-service instruction may be on-the-bus observation, instruction, or both.
  • (5) In-service instruction in the following topics shall be given at least once every 3 years:
    • (a) First aid; and
    • (b) Bridge and railroad grade crossing.
  • (6) Class size shall be limited to 35 students except as provided in § B(7) of this regulation. If the number of students exceeds 35, the session does not meet the State instructional requirements.
  • (7) A maximum of two large-group safety meetings of more than 35 students, not to exceed 2 hours each, may be provided each year.
  • (8) At least 2 of the 6 hours per year of in-service instruction shall be conducted in classes of not more than 35 students.
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