Mississippi - Transportation Safety—safety training: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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State law requires districts to establish transportation plans or policies addressing bus driver safety training.

Mississippi Administrative Code 7-23 Safe and Healthy Schools

  1. The school complies with the applicable rules and regulations of the State Board of Education in the operation of its transportation program. MS Code 37-41-53 (SB Policies ED-3, JGG-1, and IDDE)

    • 35.1 All buses are inspected on a quarterly basis and are well-maintained and clean.

    • 35.2 Each bus driver has a valid bus driver certificate and a commercial driver's license and operates the bus according to all specified safety procedures. The school district has on file a yearly motor vehicle report on each driver and evidence that each driver has received two hours of in-service training per semester.

    • 35.3 Bus schedules ensure arrival of all buses at their designated school sites prior to the start of the instructional day.

    • 35.4 Emergency bus evacuation drills are conducted at least two times each year.

  2. The school provides facilities that meet the following criteria: MS Code 37-7-301(c)(d)(j); 37- 11-5, 49; and 45-11-101

    • 36.1 The school provides facilities that are clean.

    • 36.2 The school provides facilities that are safe.

    • 36.3 The school provides operational facilities that are equipped to meet the instructional needs of students and staff.

    • 36.4 The school provides air conditioning in all classrooms in each school. 6 MS Code 37-17- 6(2)

  3. Each school has a current School Safety Plan on file that has been approved by the local school board. MS Code 37-3-83(2)

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