New Hampshire - Transportation Safety—safety training: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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statute; regulation

State law requires districts to establish transportation plans or policies addressing bus driver safety training.

New Hampshire Revised Statute 189:6-a School Bus Safety.

The district shall instruct all pupils, who are transported by the district as provided in RSA 189:6, in the following:
I. School bus safety.
II. The evacuation procedure for buses in emergency situations.
III. Any other matters regarding the safety of pupils being transported to school.

New Hampshire Administrative Rules Saf-C 1305.03 In-Service Instruction.

(a) The purpose of in-service instruction is to improve school bus driver skills, attitude and knowledge.

(b) Each school bus driver, on an annual basis, shall successfully complete or instruct pursuant to Saf-C 1305.04, a minimum of 8 hours of instruction or review in order to maintain a satisfactory level of driver competence and knowledge of changes in laws, rules and procedures. The instruction shall include the items set forth in Saf-C 1305.02(c).

(c) In-service instruction shall include the following topics:

  • (1) Reviewing all pre-service requirements;
  • (2) Elements of a defensive driving course approved by the commissioner, in accordance with Saf-C 212.07(b);
  • (3) First aid;
  • (4) Unique concerns of area and region;
  • (5) Field trip/activity trip procedures;
  • (6) Skid procedures and vehicle handling procedures;
  • (7) Use of fire extinguisher;
  • (8) Sexual harassment;
  • (9) Updating and reviewing transportation issues involving special needs students;
  • (10) Reviewing school district and school bus company policies regarding the transportation of students;
  • (11) Railroad grade crossing safety; and
  • (12) The provisions of RSA 193-F, pertaining to bullying and other pupil safety and violence prevention issues.
    Source: Office of Legislative Services
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