Utah - Transportation Safety—safety training: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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State law requires districts to establish transportation plans or policies addressing bus driver safety training.

Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations: 2010 Edition

A. Instruction and Certification of Bus Driver

A program of instruction shall be offered by the State Office of Education to permit pupil transportation personnel the opportunity to attain a high degree of competence and knowledge of their duties. The goal is to instruct all personnel so that the performance of their duties results in a safer trip for the students who are transported. Since January 1, 1997, the position of Utah Certified Pupil Transportation Instructor (State, district or local level) has existed. A certified instructor must successfully complete the Utah Pupil Transportation Instructor Certification Program.

B. Pupil Transportation Instructors

    1. School districts, charter schools, private schools, Head Start, and all other pupil transportation providers who operate school buses in the state of Utah (with the approval of these standards by the Utah Department of Transportation) shall have or contract with one of the following:
      • a. A Utah State Certified Pupil Transportation Instructor (state level)
      • b. A Pupil Transportation District Instructor (district or local level)
      • c. A delegated behind-the-wheel Instructor (delegated by the district or pupil transportation provider)
      • (Note: Each district or pupil transportation provider shall have, or contract with, at least one delegated behind-the- wheel instructor.)
    1. A suggested ratio would be one instructor for every 25 drivers.
    1. District/local-level instructors shall be certified by the state-level instructors.
    1. A delegated behind-the-wheel instructor shall be certified by a state, district or local-level instructor.
    1. Driver instruction (pre-service, behind-the-wheel, basic course, and state-required portions of the driver's in-service) shall be taught by a certified instructor annually at the state and district levels.

C. School Bus Driver Recertification

School bus drivers in the state of Utah, in order to operate a school bus in the state, shall satisfactorily complete required annual in-service, recertification instruction and thorough testing by a state or district/local-level instructor.

Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations: 2010 Edition

H. Annual In-service Instruction

    1. All employees holding a COL with passenger and schoolbus endorsements who may transport students as part of their job duties shall recertify annually according to these standards.
    1. The state eight-hour in-service instruction is required annually. Returning drivers who fail to attend an annual in-service by November 15 will be disqualified from service until an annual in
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