North Carolina - Water Quality: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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regulation; statute

State law requires districts to address water quality in schools.

North Carolina Administrative Code 15A NCAC 18A .2405 Water Supply

(a) The water supply shall be from an approved source and shall be adequate and of a safe, sanitary quality.

(b) The water supply used shall be located, constructed, maintained, and operated in accordance with the Commission for Public Health's rules governing water supplies. Copies of 15A NCAC 18A .1700 and 15A NCAC 18C may be obtained from the Department. A sample of water from a private or public non community water supply serving a school shall be collected by the sanitarian and submitted at least once a year to the Division of Laboratory Services or other laboratory certified by the Department to perform bacteriological examination.

(c) Backflow connections and cross connections with unapproved water supplies are prohibited.

(d) Hot and cold running water under pressure shall be provided to food preparation areas, and any other areas in which water is required for operations and maintenance cleaning.

(e) The well house shall be kept clean and free of storage.

North Carolina General Statutes 130A-236. Regulation of sanitation in schools

For the protection of the public health, the Commission shall adopt rules to establish sanitation requirements for public, private and religious schools. The rules shall address, but not be limited to, the cleanliness of floors, walls, ceilings, storage spaces and other areas; adequacy of lighting, ventilation, water supply, toilet and lavatory facilities; sewage collection, treatment and disposal facilities; and solid waste disposal. The Department shall inspect schools at least annually. The Department shall submit written inspection reports of public schools to the State Board of Education and written inspection reports of private and religious schools to the Department of Administration.
Source: North Carolina General Assembly

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