Washington - Water Quality: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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State law requires districts to address water quality in schools.

Washington Administrative Code 246-366A-130 Water quality monitoring—Lead.

(4) Ongoing monitoring for lead.

  • (a) School officials shall repeat lead monitoring every five years, beginning within:
    • (i) Seven years after the effective date of this section for elementary schools;
    • (ii) Eight years after the effective date of this section for middle and junior high schools; and
    • (iii) Nine years after the effective date of this section for high schools.
  • (b) School officials shall use sampling protocols in subsection (2) of this section to collect samples in all schools from:
    • (i) No less than twenty-five percent of each type and age of plumbing fixture which is not a "very low lead" plumbing fixture; and
    • (ii) No less than ten percent of each type of plumbing fixture which is a "very low lead" plumbing fixture.
  • (c) Schools that are Group A public water systems are not required to do ongoing lead monitoring required by (a) of this subsection if the schools meet the lead monitoring requirements in chapter 246-290 WAC.

Washington Administrative Code 246-366-060 Plumbing, water supply and fixtures.

(2) Water supply: The water supply system for a school shall be designed, constructed, maintained and operated in accordance with chapter 246-290 WAC.

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