Kentucky - Alternative Education for Expelled Students: Programs and Services

Programs And Services
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State law requires districts to operate alternative school programs or to provide educational services to expelled students in an alternative setting.

Kentucky Revised Statutes 158.150. Suspension or expulsion of pupils.

(2) (b) The board shall also adopt a policy requiring disciplinary actions, up to and including expulsion from school, for a student who is determined by the board to have possessed prescription drugs or controlled substances for the purpose of sale or distribution at a school under the board’s jurisdiction, or to have physically assaulted or battered or abused educational personnel or other students at a school or school function under the board’s jurisdiction. The board may modify the expulsion requirement for students on a case-by-case basis. A board that has expelled a student from the student’s regular school setting shall provide or assure that educational services are provided to the student in an appropriate alternative program or setting, unless the board has made a determination, on the record, supported by clear and convincing evidence, that the expelled student posed a threat to the safety of other students or school staff and could not be placed into a state-funded agency program.

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