New Hampshire - Alternative Education for Expelled Students: Programs and Services

Programs And Services
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State law requires districts to operate alternative school programs or to provide educational services to expelled students in an alternative setting.

New Hampshire Administrative Rules Ed 1303.01 Responsibility of Local School Boards.

(a) The local school board shall be responsible for the planning and implementation of the alternative education program at the high school within the district.
(b) The local school board shall solicit and consider recommendations of the community members in the local school district in determining programs, facilities, and enrollment needs for an alternative education program.
(c) The local school board shall continue to provide a balanced education program in their high school insuring that funds shall not be diverted from the on-going programs for purposes of maintaining or developing the alternative education program. Full compliance with the requirements for an approved high school shall be maintained.
(d) The local school board shall staff and administer the program to insure quality alternative education programs for all students participating in the program.
(e) The local school board shall designate a full-time director of alternative education, who shall administer the program within the administrative structure of the district.
(f) When alternative education programs are not offered at the high school within the district, the local school board shall provide full access to all of the alternative education programs at regional centers or at the associated high schools within another district or charter public high schools.
(g) Charter public high schools shall provide alternative education programs in one alternative education cluster, giving due regard to equal opportunity for both boys and girls to participate in the alternative education program.
(h) The local school board shall participate in such evaluations as are necessary in order to ensure continuous quality alternative education programs.
(i) The local school board shall maintain the alternative education facilities and equipment in a manner consistent with state facility standards, safety and accessibility requirements, and program objectives
pursuant to Ed 300.

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