Wisconsin - Alternative Education for Expelled Students: Programs and Services

Programs And Services
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State law requires districts to operate alternative school programs or to provide educational services to expelled students in an alternative setting.

Wisconsin Statutes 115.28 General duties.


  1. In this paragraph, “alternative education program” means an instructional program, approved by the school board, that utilizes successful alternative or adaptive school structures and teaching techniques and that is incorporated into existing, traditional classrooms or regularly scheduled curricular programs or that is offered in place of regularly scheduled curricular programs. “Alternative educational program” does not include a private school, a tribal school, or a home-based private educational program.

Wisconsin Statutes 118.164 Removal of pupils from the class.

(1) In this section, “teacher” means a person holding a license or permit issued by the state superintendent whose employment by a school district requires that he or she hold that license or permit.
(2) Subject to 20 USC 1415 (k) and beginning August 1, 1999, a teacher may remove a pupil from the teacher’s class if the pupil violates the code of classroom conduct adopted under s. 120.13 (1) (a) or is dangerous, unruly or disruptive or exhibits behavior that interferes with the ability of the teacher to teach effectively, as specified in the code of classroom conduct. The teacher shall send the pupil to the school principal or his or her designee and notify the school principal or his or her designee immediately of the reasons for the removal. In addition, the teacher shall provide to the principal or his or her designee within 24 hours after the pupil’s removal from the class a written explanation of the reasons for the removal.

  • (a) The school principal or his or her designee shall place the pupil in one of the following:
      1. An alternative education program, as defined in s. 115.28 (7) (e) 1.
      1. Another class in the school or another appropriate place in the school, as determined by the school principal or his or her designee.
      1. Another instructional setting.
      1. The class from which the pupil was removed if, after weighing the interests of the removed pupil, the other pupils in the class and the teacher, the school principal or his or her designee determines that readmission to the class is the best or only alternative.
  • (b) This subsection does not prohibit the teacher who removed the pupil from the class or the school board, school district administrator, school principal or their designees from disciplining the pupil.
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