Wyoming - Alternative Education for Expelled Students: Programs and Services

Programs And Services
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State law encourages districts to operate alternative school programs or to ensure access to educational services to expelled students in an alternative setting.

Wyoming Statutes § 21-4-309. Mandatory immunizations for children attending schools; exceptions.

(B) Alternative schools qualifying for separate consideration under the education resource block grant model may be established by a school district for offering educational programs to students with educational needs which the district finds are not appropriately met by other schools in the district, excluding charter schools established under W.S. 21-3-301 through 21-3-314. Alternative schools included within a district’s configuration of schools identified under paragraph (iv) of this subsection shall for purposes of the education resource block grant model:

  • (I) Be approved as an alternative school by the department of education prior to July 1, 2006;
  • (II) Repealed by Laws 2007, ch. 147, §102.
  • (III) Unless otherwise authorized by the state superintendent, be restricted to not more than one (1) alternative school within any school district;
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