Ohio - Alternatives to Exclusionary Discipline: Programs and Services

Programs And Services
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State law encourages districts to use alternatives to out-of-school suspension or expulsion, such as, in-school suspension, behavioral interventions, or restorative practices.

Ohio Revised Code 3313.66 Suspension, expulsion or permanent exclusion - removal from curricular or extracurricular activities.

Except in the case of a pupil given an in-school suspension, no pupil shall be suspended unless prior to the suspension the superintendent or principal does both of the following:

(1) Gives the pupil written notice of the intention to suspend the pupil and the reasons for the intended suspension and, if the proposed suspension is based on a violation listed in division (A) of section 3313.662 of the Revised Code and if the pupil is sixteen years of age or older, includes in the notice a statement that the superintendent may seek to permanently exclude the pupil if the pupil is convicted of or adjudicated a delinquent child for that violation;

(2) Provides the pupil an opportunity to appear at an informal hearing before the principal, assistant principal, superintendent, or superintendent's designee and challenge the reason for the intended suspension or otherwise to explain the pupil's actions.

If a pupil is suspended pursuant to division (A) of this section, the school district board may, in its discretion, permit the pupil to complete any classroom assignments missed because of the suspension.

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