Texas - Bullying Policy Scope: Policy or Plan Requirements

Policy Or Plan Requirements
Policy Type: 

State law requires districts to adopt anti-bullying policies addressing some U.S. Department of Education-recommended policy requirements.

Texas Statutes Education Code 37.0382 Bullying Prevention Policies and Procedures

(a-1) This section applies to:

  • (1) bullying that occurs on or is delivered to school property or to the site of a school-sponsored or school-related activity on or off school property;

  • (2) bullying that occurs on a publicly or privately owned school bus or vehicle being used for transportation of students to or from school or a school-sponsored or school-related activity; and

  • (3) cyberbullying that occurs off school property or outside of a school-sponsored or school-related activity if the cyberbullying:

    • (A) interferes with a student’s educational opportunities; or

    • (B) substantially disrupts the orderly operation of a classroom, school, or school-sponsored or school-related activity.

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