New Hampshire - Bullying Protections for Enumerated Groups: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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State law enumerates protected classes including explicit protections for LGBTQ youth.

New Hampshire Revised Statute 193-F:4 Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention.

II. The school board of each school district and the board of trustees of a chartered public school shall, no later than 6 months after the effective date of this section, adopt a written policy prohibiting bullying and cyberbullying. Such policy shall include the definitions set forth in RSA 193-F:3. The policy shall contain, at a minimum, the following components:

  • (c)  A requirement that all pupils are protected regardless of their status under the law.

New Hampshire Revised Statute 193-F:8 School District Discrimination or Harassment Policies.

A school district or chartered public school may establish separate discrimination or harassment policies that include categories of pupils, and nothing in this chapter shall prevent a school district or chartered public school from remediating any discrimination or harassment based on a person’s membership in a legally protected category under local, state, or federal law.

New Hampshire Revised Statute 193-F:2 Purpose and Intent.

I.  All pupils have the right to attend public schools, including chartered public schools, that are safe, secure, and peaceful environments. One of the legislature’s highest priorities is to protect our children from physical, emotional, and psychological violence by addressing the harm caused by bullying and cyberbullying in our public schools.
II.  Bullying in schools has historically included actions shown to be motivated by a pupil’s actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry or ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability, gender, gender identity and expression, obesity, or other distinguishing personal characteristics, or based on association with any person identified in any of the above categories.
III.  It is the intent of the legislature to protect our children from physical, emotional, and psychological violence by addressing bullying and cyberbullying of any kind in our public schools, for all of the historical reasons set forth in this section, and to prevent the creation of a hostile educational environment.
IV.  The sole purpose of this chapter is to protect all children from bullying and cyberbullying, and no other legislative purpose is intended, nor should any other intent be construed from the enactment of this chapter.

New Hampshire Revised Statute 193-F:3 Definitions.

(b)  “Bullying” shall include actions motivated by an imbalance of power based on a pupil’s actual or perceived personal characteristics, behaviors, or beliefs, or motivated by the pupil’s association with another person and based on the other person’s characteristics, behaviors, or beliefs.

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