Hawaii - Chronic Absenteeism Early Warning Systems: Programs and Services (S/D)

Programs And Services
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Topic is not addressed in state laws or limited to notification and transfers to law enforcement.

H.R.S. §302A-1133.5 Parent and guardian accountability for compliance with student code of conduct.

(b) The failure of a student to meet the requirements for regular attendance and punctuality shall subject the student's parent, parents, or guardian to the penalties provided in section 302A-1135. Destruction of school property by a student, in addition to all other legal action that may be taken, shall subject the student's parent, parents, or guardian to proceedings under section 302A-1153, as appropriate.

H.R.S. §302A-1135 Penalty.

If any child of school age persists in absenting oneself from school, the family court judge, upon a proper petition, citation, or complaint being made by the school teacher or any other officer or agent of the department, or police officer, or any other person, shall cause the child, and the father or mother, guardian, or other person having charge of the child, to be summoned to appear before the judge. Upon its being proved that the person responsible for the child had not used proper diligence to enforce the child’s regular attendance at school, the responsible party shall be guilty of a petty misdemeanor. This section shall not apply to any child not liable to compulsory attendance at school.

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