New Hampshire - Equitable Discipline Practices: Program Requirements

Program Requirement
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State law requires districts to monitor disproportionality in discipline practices within general education populations.

New Hampshire Revised Statute 193-E:3 Delivery of an Adequate Education.

I. Annually, beginning with the 2002-2003 school year, each school district shall report data to the department of education at the school and district levels on the indicators set forth in this paragraph. The report shall not contain personally identifiable information including but not limited to name, gender, or social security number. The department of education shall develop a reasonable schedule to phase-in the reporting of new data required by federal law. The requirements for data keeping and the form of the report shall be established in accordance with rules adopted by the state board of education. Indicators shall include the following areas:

  • (a) Attendance rates.
  • (b) Annual and cumulative drop-out rates of high school pupils and annual drop-out rates for pupils in grades 7 and 8.
  • (c) School environment indicators, such as safe-schools data.
  • (d) Number and percentage of graduating pupils going on to post-secondary education, military service, and advanced placement participation.
  • (e) Performance on state tests administered pursuant to RSA 193-C and other standardized tests administered at local option.
  • (f) Expulsion and suspension rates, including in-school and out-of-school suspensions, which shall be reported for each school year.
  • (g) Number and percentage of classes taught by highly qualified teachers.
  • (h) Teacher and administrative turnover rates at the school and district levels.
  • (i) Pupil course information.
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