Utah - Equitable Discipline Practices: Program Requirements

Program Requirement
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Topic is not addressed in state laws or only addressed in relation to special education.

Utah Code 53E-2-516. School disciplinary and law enforcement action report -- Rulemaking authority.

[Coding note: State law amended in 2018; does not contribute to coding.]

(2) Beginning on July 1, 2020, the State Board of Education, in collaboration with school districts, charter schools, and law enforcement agencies, shall develop an annual report regarding the following incidents that occur on school grounds while school is in session or during a school-sponsored activity:

  • (a) arrests of a minor;
  • (b) other law enforcement activities; and
  • (c) disciplinary actions.

(3) The report described in Subsection (2) shall include the following information by school district and charter school:

  • (a) the number of arrests of a minor, including the reason why the minor was arrested;
  • (b) the number of other law enforcement activities, including the following information for each incident:
    • (i) the reason for the other law enforcement activity; and
    • (ii) the type of other law enforcement activity used;
  • (c) the number of disciplinary actions imposed, including:
    • (i) the reason for the disciplinary action; and
    • (ii) the type of disciplinary action; and
  • (d) the number of SROs employed.

(4) The report described in Subsection (2) shall include the following information, in aggregate, for each element described in Subsections (3)(a) through (c):

  • (a) age;
  • (b) grade level;
  • (c) race;
  • (d) sex; and
  • (e) disability status.

(5) Information included in the annual report described in Subsection (2) shall comply with:

(6) In accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act, the State Board of Education shall make rules to compile the report described in Subsection (2).

(7) The State Board of Education shall provide the report described in Subsection (2) to the Education Interim Committee before November 1 of each year for incidents that occurred during the previous school year.

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