Kentucky - Limits on Referrals to Law Enforcement: Prohibitions or Restrictions

Prohibitions Or Restrictions
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State law requires districts to refer students to local law enforcement for any offense that may be a violation of the criminal code.

Kentucky Revised Statutes 158.155 Report to law enforcement of certain student conduct

(4) A person who is an administrator, teacher, or other employee of a public or private school shall promptly make a report to the local police department, sheriff, or the Department of Kentucky State Police, by telephone or otherwise, if:

  • (a) The person knows or has reasonable cause to believe that conduct has occurred which constitutes:

      1. A misdemeanor or violation offense under the laws of this Commonwealth and relates to:
      • a. Carrying, possession, or use of a deadly weapon; or

      • b. Use, possession, or sale of controlled substances; or

      1. Any felony offense under the laws of this Commonwealth; and
  • (b) The conduct occurred on the school premises or within one thousand (1,000) feet of school premises, on a school bus, or at a school-sponsored or sanctioned event.

(5) A person who is an administrator, teacher, supervisor, or other employee of a public or private school who receives information from a student or other person of conduct which is required to be reported under subsection (1) of this section shall report the conduct in the same manner as required by that subsection.

Kentucky Revised Statutes 158.154 Principal's duty to report certain acts to local law enforcement agency.

When the principal has a reasonable belief that an act has occurred on school property or at a school-sponsored function involving assault resulting in serious physical injury, a sexual offense, kidnapping, assault involving the use of a weapon, possession of a firearm in violation of the law, possession of a controlled substance in violation of the law, or damage to the property, the principal shall immediately report the act to the appropriate local law enforcement agency. For purposes of this section, “school property” means any public school building, bus, public school campus, grounds, recreational area, or athletic field, in the charge of the principal.

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