Utah - Limits on Referrals to Law Enforcement: Prohibitions or Restrictions

Prohibitions Or Restrictions
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State law requires districts to establish formal procedures governing referrals to local law enforcement.

Utah Code 53A-11-911 Responses to school-based behavior. [Revised and renumbered as of 1/24/2018]

(2) This section applies to a minor enrolled in school who is alleged to have committed an offense:

  • (a) on school property; or
  • (b) that is truancy.

(3) If the alleged offense is a class C misdemeanor, an infraction, a status offense on school property, or truancy, the minor may not be referred to law enforcement or court but may be referred to alternative school-related interventions, including:

  • (a) a mobile crisis outreach team, as defined in Section 78A-6-105;
  • (b) a receiving center operated by the Division of Juvenile Justice Services in accordance with Section 62A-7-104; and
  • (c) a youth court or comparable restorative justice program.

(4) If the alleged offense is a class B misdemeanor or a nonperson class A misdemeanor, the minor may be referred directly to the juvenile court by the school administrator or the school administrator's designee, or the minor may be referred to the alternati

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