Missouri - Mental Health Supports for Students Involved in Bullying Incidents: Programs and Services

Programs And Services
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State law requires districts to provide counseling, safeguards, or other supportive services to students who have been bullied.

Missouri Revised Statutes 160.775 Antibullying policy required

(d) The administration of the school district shall instruct its school counselors, school social workers, licensed social workers, mental health professionals, and school psychologists to educate students who are victims of bullying on techniques for students to overcome bullying’s negative effects. Such techniques shall include, but not be limited to, cultivating the student’s self-worth and self-esteem; teaching the student to defend himself or herself assertively and effectively; helping the student develop social skills; or encouraging the student to develop an internal locus of control. The provisions of this paragraph shall not be construed to contradict or limit any other provision of this section; and

(e) The administration of the school district shall implement programs and other initiatives to address bullying, to respond to such conduct in a manner that does not stigmatize the victim, and to make resources or referrals available to victims of bullying.

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