New Mexico - Mental Health Supports for Students Involved in Bullying Incidents: Programs and Services

Programs And Services
Policy Type: 

State law encourages districts to provide safeguards, counseling or other supportive services or interventions, or requires districts to provide students with resources and referrals without mandating the provision of direct services or interventions.

New Mexico Administrative Code Requirements

D. The cyberbullying prevention policy shall require that:

  • (1) all licensed school employees complete training on how to recognize signs of cyberbullying;
  • (2) any licensed school employee who has information about or a reasonable suspicion of cyberbullying shall report the matter immediately to either or both the school principal and the local superintendent or to the head administrator of a charter school;
  • (3) any school administrator or local superintendent who receives a report of cyberbullying take immediate steps to ensure prompt investigation of the report; and
  • (4) school administrators take prompt disciplinary action in response to cyberbullying confirmed through investigation; disciplinary action taken pursuant to this subsection must be by the least restrictive means necessary to address a hostile environment on the school campus resulting from the confirmed cyberbullying and may include counseling, mediation and appropriate disciplinary action that is consistent with the legal rights of the involved students.
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