Georgia - Multi-tiered Positive Behavior Supports: Programs and Services (S/D)

Programs And Services
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regulation; statute

State law requires districts to implement school-wide positive behavioral supports or tiered frameworks.

Georgia Administrative Code 160-4-8.15. Student Discipline

(a) Behavior Support Process - a student support process for identifying and addressing the behavioral needs through providing integrated resources that promote behavioral change.

Georgia Administrative Code 160-4-8.15. Student Discipline

  1. Behavior support processes designed to consider, as appropriate in light of the severity of the behavioral problem, support services that may be available through the school, school system, other public entities, or community organizations that may help the student address behavioral problems; This rule neither mandates nor prohibits the use of student support teams as part of the student support process;

2017 Georgia Code 20-2-741. Positive behavorial interventions and supports and response to intervention

(a) As used in this Code section, the term:

  • (1) "High needs school" means a public school which has received a school climate rating of "1-star" or "2-star" pursuant to Code Section 20-14-33.
  • (2) "Positive behavioral interventions and supports" or "PBIS" means an evidence based data-driven framework to reduce disciplinary incidents, increase a school's sense of safety, and support improved academic outcomes through a multitiered approach, using disciplinary data and principles of behavior analysis to develop school-wide, targeted, and individualized interventions and supports.
  • (3) "Response to intervention" or "RTI" means a framework of identifying and addressing the academic and behavioral needs of students through a tiered system.

(b) Local boards of education are encouraged to implement PBIS and RTI programs and initiatives in their schools, and particularly in high needs schools.

(c) The State Board of Education is authorized, subject to appropriations by the General Assembly, to provide funds to local school systems to support PBIS and RTI programs, initiatives, and personnel.

(d) The State Board of Education is authorized to establish rules and regulations for PBIS and RTI programs and initiatives which receive funding pursuant to this Code section.
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