Vermont - Multi-tiered Positive Behavior Supports: Programs and Services (S/D)

Programs And Services
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regulation; statute

State law requires districts to implement school-wide positive behavioral supports or tiered frameworks.

Code of Vermont Rules 22-000-003 Section 2121.5. Tiered System of Support.

In accordance with 16 V.S.A. §2902 and State Board Rule 2194, each school shall ensure that a tiered system of academic and behavioral supports is in place to assist all students in working toward attainment of the standards. This system shall be aligned with the school's Personalized Learning Plan structures, and specific student support services shall be specified within a student's Personalized Learning Plan.

Vermont Statutes 16 V.S.A. § 2902. Tiered system of supports and educational support team

(a) Within each school district's comprehensive system of educational services, each public school shall develop and maintain a tiered system of academic and behavioral supports for the purpose of providing all students with the opportunity to succeed or to be challenged in the general education environment. For each school it maintains, a school district board shall assign responsibility for developing and maintaining the tiered system of supports either to the superintendent pursuant to a contract entered into under section 267 of this title or to the school principal. The school shall provide all students a full and fair opportunity to access the system of supports and achieve educational success. The tiered system of supports shall, at a minimum, include an educational support team, instructional and behavioral interventions, and accommodations that are available as needed for any student who requires support beyond what can be provided in the general education classroom, and may include intensive, individualized interventions for any student requiring a higher level of support.
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