Iowa - Professional Development for Bullying Prevention

Staff Qualifications And Professional Development
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State law encourages districts to provide professional development for school personnel on bullying prevention and response, or requires districts to review district policy content.

2018 Iowa Code 280.28 Title VII Education and Cultural Affairs, Subtitle 6 School Districts, Chapter 280 Uniform School Requirements - Harassment and bullying prohibited - policy - immunity.

  1. Programs encouraged.

The board of directors of a school district and the authorities in charge of each accredited nonpublic school are encouraged to establish programs designed to eliminate harassment and bullying in schools. To the extent that funds are available for these purposes, school districts and accredited nonpublic schools shall do the following:

  • a. Provide training on antiharassment and antibullying policies to school employees and volunteers who have significant contact with students.
  • b. Develop a process to provide school employees, volunteers, and students with the skills and knowledge to help reduce incidents of harassment and bullying.
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