North Dakota - Professional Development for Bullying Prevention: Staff Qualifications and Professional Development

Staff Qualifications And Professional Development
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State law requires districts to provide professional development for school personnel on bullying prevention and response.

North Dakota Century Code 15.1-07-34. Provision of youth behavioral health training to teachers, administrators, and ancillary staff.

  1. Every two years, each school district shall provide a minimum of eight hours of professional development on youth behavioral health to elementary, middle, and high school teachers, and administrators. Each school district shall encourage ancillary and support staff to participate in the professional development. Based on the annual needs assessment of the school district, these hours must be designated from the following categories:

    • a. Trauma;
    • b. Social and emotional learning, including resiliency;
    • c. Suicide prevention;
    • d. Bullying;
    • e. Understanding of the prevalence and impact of youth behavioral health wellness on family structure, education, juvenile services, law enforcement, and health care and treatment providers;
    • f. Knowledge of behavioral health symptoms, and risks;
    • g. Awareness of referral sources and evidence-based strategies for appropriate interventions; or
    • h. Other evidence-based strategies to reduce risk factors for students.
  2. Each school district shall report the professional development hours to the department of public instruction.

  3. The superintendent of public instruction shall collaborate with regional education associations to disseminate information, training materials, and notice of training opportunities to school districts and nonpublic schools.

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