District of Columbia - Reengagement Plans for Suspended or Expelled Students: Policy or Plan Requirements

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law requires districts to adopt plans or policies to support students’ return to school following suspension or expulsion.

District of Columbia Municipal Regulations 2500 GENERAL POLICY

2500.4 Whenever possible, prevention, intervention, and remediation strategies shall be used in addition to disciplinary responses at all stages of the disciplinary process, including students transitioning from Suspension or Expulsion.

District of Columbia Municipal Regulations 2509 RE-ENTRY FOLLOWING EXPULSION

2509.1 Prior to the conclusion of an Expulsion, a person designated by the Chancellor shall hold a conference with the student and the student's parent or guardian to determine appropriate school placement for the student.

2509.2 The conference shall be held according to guidelines in § 2505, and shall include discussion of the following topics:
(a) The student's activities while under disciplinary action;
(b) The steps the student will take to avoid a subsequent disciplinary action;
(c) Support required by the student to avoid subsequent disciplinary action; and
(d) Any other pertinent circumstances.

2509.3 Effort shall be made to return the student to his or her previous school, unless a person designated by the Chancellor reasonably concludes based on the conference that another school is a more appropriate setting.

2509.4 The student and his or her parent or guardian shall be informed of the school placement no more than one school day after the conference, and the registration/enrollment process shall be facilitated as smoothly and quickly as possible thereafter.

2509.5 The principal of the receiving school shall ensure the returning student receives an appropriate academic program, as well as services to ensure a smooth transition back into the general school population (e.g., SST meeting, counseling, etc.).

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