Georgia - Reengagement Plans for Suspended or Expelled Students: Policy or Plan Requirements

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law requires districts to adopt plans or policies to support students’ return to school following suspension or expulsion.

2017 Georgia Code 20-2-766. Students returning from expulsion or suspension; notice to parents; conference with principal or teacher to devise disciplinary and behavioral correction plan

Before any chronic disciplinary problem student is permitted to return from an expulsion or suspension, the school to which the student is to be readmitted shall request by telephone call and by either certified mail or statutory overnight delivery with return receipt requested or first-class mail at least one parent or guardian to schedule and attend a conference with the principal or his or her designee to devise a disciplinary and behavioral correction plan. Failure of the parent or guardian to attend shall not preclude the student from being readmitted to the school. At the discretion of the principal, a teacher, counselor, or other person may attend the conference. The principal shall ensure that a notation of the conference is placed in the student's permanent file.

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