Louisiana - Reengagement Plans for Suspended or Expelled Students: Policy or Plan Requirements

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law requires districts to adopt plans or policies to support students’ return to school following suspension or expulsion.

Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:416 Discipline of students; suspension; expulsion

B.(3)(d)(i) In addition to any other limitations established by this Subsection on the admission of previously expelled pupils to public elementary and secondary schools in Louisiana, no pupil who has been expelled from any public or nonpublic school within or outside the state of Louisiana for possessing on school property or on a school bus a firearm, knife, or other dangerous weapon, or instrumentality customarily used or intended for probable use as a dangerous weapon, or for possessing, possessing with intent to distribute, or distributing, selling, giving, or loaning while on school property or on a school bus any controlled dangerous substance governed by the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law shall be admitted to any public elementary or secondary school in the state, or readmitted to any such school on a probationary basis prior to the completion of the minimum period of expulsion as provided in Subsection C of this Section, until the pupil produces written documentation that he and his parent or legal guardian have enrolled and participated in an appropriate rehabilitation or counseling program related to the reason or reasons for the pupil’s expulsion.

  • (ii) The rehabilitation or counseling required by the provisions of this Subparagraph shall be provided by existing or new programs approved by the juvenile or family court having jurisdiction, if applicable, or by the school system and shall be at no additional cost to the school system. Such rehabilitation or counseling programs may include the following components relative to successful programs, approaches, and activities for parental involvement which better equip parents to provide support for the education of their children:

    • (aa) Enhancing parenting skills and expanding curriculum offerings relative to character development, the development of a healthy self-esteem and sense of personal and social responsibility, violence prevention, and conflict resolution

    • (bb) Raising the educational level of the parents of public school students through instruction in basic skills.

    • (cc) Improving developmental skills of students to prepare them for academic success.

    • (dd) Providing a role model for the child through parental interest in education.

    • (ee) Enabling parents to become familiar with and comfortable in the school setting.

    • (ff) Enhancing the relationship of the parent and child through planned, structured parent-school interaction.

    • (gg) Demonstrating to parents their power to affect their child’s ability to learn.

  • (iii) The requirements of this Subparagraph for a student’s enrollment and participation in a rehabilitation or counseling program shall be waived by the school system upon a documented showing by the student that no appropriate program is available in the area or that the student cannot enroll or participate due to financial hardship.

  • (iv) The provisions of this Subparagraph shall be applicable to exceptional children provided special education services pursuant to Part I of Chapter 8 of this Title only to the extent the provisions are not in conflict with federal rules, regulations, and guidelines applicable to the education of exceptional students.

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