District of Columbia - School Resource Officer Training: Staff Qualifications and Professional Development

Staff Qualifications And Professional Development
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State law requires SROs to complete specialized training to meet the safety needs of the school environment.

D.C. Code 5-132.03 Training for school security personnel.

The School Safety Division shall develop a training curriculum for all school security personnel providing security for DCPS. The curriculum shall be focused on training supervisory and on-site personnel so that they will provide appropriate security procedures for the various socioeconomic conditions at each educational facility. The curriculum shall include training in the following areas:
(1) Child development;
(2) Effective communication skills;
(3) Behavior management;
(4) Conflict resolution;
(5) Substance abuse and its effect on youth;
(6) Availability of social services for youth;
(7) District of Columbia laws and regulations, including Board of Education regulations;
(8) Constitutional standards for searches and seizures conducted by school security personnel on school grounds; and
(9) Gang and crew violence prevention.

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