Tennessee - School Resource Officer Training: Staff Qualifications and Professional Development

Staff Qualifications And Professional Development
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State law requires SROs to complete specialized training to meet the safety needs of the school environment.

2017 Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-805. Template minimum requirements.

At a minimum, the template prepared by the state-level safety team shall include:

  • (1) The designation of an emergency response team;
  • (2) Policies and procedures for communication with law enforcement officials, parents and guardians in the event of emergencies and incidents of or threats of violence;
  • (3) Policies and procedures relating to school building security, including, where appropriate, the use of school resource officers, security devices or security procedures, and addressing, where appropriate, the use of the building by the public for events other than school activities and the impact the other use may have on building security;
  • (4) Procedures for assuring that crisis response and law enforcement officials have access to floor plans, blueprints, schematics or other maps of the school interior, school grounds and road maps of the immediate surrounding area;
  • (5) Procedures for coordination of the school safety plan with the resources available through the department of mental health and substance abuse services, the department of intellectual and developmental disabilities or a similar local agency to assure that the school has access to federal, state or local mental health resources in the event of a violent incident;
  • (6) Appropriate violence prevention and intervention strategies such as:
    • (A) Collaborative arrangements with state and local law enforcement officials, designed to ensure that school resource officers and other security personnel are adequately trained, including being trained to de-escalate potentially violent situations, and are effectively and fairly recruited;

2017 Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-4217. Employment standards for school resource officers.

(a) Training courses for school resource officers shall be designed specifically for school policing and shall be administered by an entity or organization approved by the peace officers standards and training (POST) commission.

(b) School resource officers shall participate in forty (40) hours of basic training in school policing within twelve (12) months of assignment to a school. Every year thereafter they shall participate in a minimum of sixteen (16) hours of training specific to school policing that has been approved by the POST commission.

(c) Within thirty (30) days of the beginning of the school term, each LEA shall publish and deliver to the commissioner an annual report of the employment standards adopted by the LEA. The report shall include a description of the LEA's methods of enforcing the employment standards.

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