Utah - School Resource Officer Training: Staff Qualifications and Professional Development

Staff Qualifications And Professional Development
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statute; regulation

State law encourages SROs to complete specialized training to meet the safety needs of the school environment or requires training in selected schools only.

Utah Code 53G-8-702. School resource officer training -- Curriculum.

(1) In accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act, the State Board of Education shall make rules that prepare and make available a training program for school principals and school resource officers to attend.

(2) To create the curriculum and materials for the training program described in Subsection (1), the State Board of Education shall:

  • (a) work in conjunction with the State Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice created in Section 63M-7-201;
  • (b) solicit input from local school boards, charter school governing boards, and the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind;
  • (c) solicit input from local law enforcement and other interested community stakeholders; and
  • (d) consider the current United States Department of Education recommendations on school discipline and the role of a school resource officer.

(3) The training program described in Subsection (1) may include training on the following:

  • (a) childhood and adolescent development;
  • (b) responding age-appropriately to students;
  • (c) working with disabled students;
  • (d) techniques to de-escalate and resolve conflict;
  • (e) cultural awareness;
  • (f) restorative justice practices;
  • (g) identifying a student exposed to violence or trauma and referring the student to appropriate resources;
  • (h) student privacy rights;
  • (i) negative consequences associated with youth involvement in the juvenile and criminal justice systems;
  • (j) strategies to reduce juvenile justice involvement; and
  • (k) roles of and distinctions between a school resource officer and other school staff who help keep a school secure.

Utah Administrative Code R277-609-4. LEA Responsibility to Develop Plans.

(4) A plan described in Subsection (1) may include:

  • (a) the provisions of Subsection 53E-3-509(2); and
  • (b) a plan for training administrators and school resource officers in accordance with Section 53G-8-702.
    Utah Office of Administrative Rules
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