Nevada - Social-Emotional Learning or Character Development: Programs and Services (S/D)

Programs And Services
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State law requires districts to integrate social-emotional learning or character education into the school curriculum.

Nevada Administrative Code 389.195. Elementary school.

  1. The State Board of Education prescribes the following courses of study for elementary schools:

    • (a) Reading.
    • (b) Language.
    • (c) Social studies.
    • (d) Mathematics.
    • (e) Science.
    • (f) Art.
    • (g) Music.
    • (h) Health.
    • (i) Physical education.
    • (j) Computers.
  2. In addition to the courses prescribed by subsection 1, a course of study in:

    • (a) Introduction to technology is prescribed for pupils in sixth, seventh or eighth grade.
    • (b) Academic achievement, career exploration, and personal and social development is prescribed for pupils in seventh or eighth grade.
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