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Wellness WSCC Council—School Level

Wellness WSCC Council—School Level

State law requires creation of health or wellness council at the school-level.

Oklahoma Administrative Code 210:35-3-110 Healthy and Fit School Advisory Committee

School districts are encouraged to inform teachers of students in grades seven (7) through twelve (12) about the importance of incorporating workplace safety training in their curriculum. The Oklahoma Department of Labor has prepared a free “Youth @ Work Talking Safety” curriculum for this purpose, available through the Oklahoma State Department of Education website.

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Oklahoma Statutes 70-24-100a Healthy and Fit Kids Act of 2004 - Short title

B. Beginning September 1, 2004, each public school shall establish a Healthy and Fit School Advisory Committee, to be composed of at least six members. The Advisory Committee may be composed of teachers, administrators, parents of students, health care professionals and business community representatives. A public school may combine the Healthy and Fit School Advisory Committee with its Safe School Committee, established pursuant to Section 24-100.5 of this title.

C. Each Healthy and Fit School Advisory Committee shall study and make recommendations to the school principal regarding:

    1. Health education;
    1. Physical education and physical activity; and
    1. Nutrition and health services.

D. The principal shall give consideration to recommendations of the committee.

E. The State Board of Education shall adopt rules for monitoring compliance with this section and is authorized to report a school as deficient on the accreditation report for noncompliance with the provisions of this section.

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