Outline of the state of Massachusetts
Addresses coordinated school health

WSCC Framework Reference

WSCC Framework Reference

State law addresses Coordinated School Health, but not WSCC.

Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum Framework


Nutrition addresses the development of a healthy body composition through the balance of food intake and physical activity. Nutrition includes many concepts, such as the relationships among food choices and growth, nutrition guidelines, food insecurity, current health needs, chronic disease, and a healthy lifestyle.

An adequate and healthy intake of food and nutrients is essential for students to take full advantage of the learning environment in school. Thus, students of all ages need the knowledge and skills to make wise food choices in the contemporary food environment and throughout their lives. Instruction in Nutrition includes evaluation of food promotion and media messages regarding realistic body size and shape, and consumer and nutrition skills needed to select appropriate foods in varied settings. Topics generally covered in Nutrition include: Improving Nutrition, Safe and Adequate Food Supply, and Social Influences.

PreK–12 Standard 3: Nutrition

Students will gain the knowledge and skills to select a diet that supports health and reduces the risk of illness and future chronic diseases.

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