Project Partners

National Association of State Boards of Education

NASBE serves as the only membership organization for state boards of education. A nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, A nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, NASBE elevates state board members’ voices in national and state policymaking, facilitates the exchange of informed ideas, and supports members in advancing equity and excellence in public education for students of all races, genders, and circumstances. Learn more.


Child Trends

Child Trends is the nation’s leading research organization focused exclusively on improving the lives of children and youth, especially those who are most vulnerable. We work to ensure that all kids thrive by conducting independent research and partnering with practitioners and policymakers to apply that knowledge. We believe that programs and policies that serve children are most effective when they are informed by data and evidence and grounded in deep knowledge of child and youth development. Learn more.


EMT Associates, Inc.

EMT Associates, Inc. is a dynamic, small business specializing in applied policy research and program evaluation. Its corporate mission is to promote and facilitate the use of science-based information to improve education, health, and social policy and to enhance the resolution of public problems. For the past 35 years, a core area of EMT’s business has focused on researching and supporting school-based health and educational initiatives. Areas of content expertise include school climate and safety, bullying and harassment, alcohol and other drug abuse, mental health promotion and access, and school discipline and student conduct. EMT’s experience has been gained through major research and technical assistance efforts at the federal and state levels and through more than three decades of partnership with schools and community organizations across the U.S. to support efforts to reduce educational disparities and improve the health and safety of school learning environments. EMT’s experience and expertise blends legislative and school policy analysis, multiple perspectives on policy solutions to complex health issues, and nationally recognized work conducting federal and local analyses and evaluation in school settings. EMT offers a highly skilled and experienced staff with considerable knowledge of SEA and LEA structures and operations, and as well as a range of experience and diverse perspectives necessary to support the systemic reach of this project. Learn more.


Institute for Health Research and Policy at the University of Illinois-Chicago

Established by the Illinois Board of Higher Education in 1997 as a cross-campus initiative, the Institute for Health Research and Policy stimulates and supports a broad range of high-quality multidisciplinary research to improve health practices and policies. In carrying out this research, the institute is committed to fostering the collaboration of researchers across disciplines, mentoring and training new investigators, addressing disparities in health, and working in partnership with community leaders and residents to improve health in their communities. The work of the institute spans social and behavioral health research, from basic science (including methods and theory development) and intervention development, to clinical and efficacy trials, research-to-practice and practice-to-policy translation, and dissemination. The Health Policy Center within the institute conducts research on a range of health policy issues, with a focus on policies affecting health behavior, including drinking, smoking, illicit drug use, physical activity, diet, and related outcomes, and communicates information about health policies to policymakers and the public. Learn more.