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Professional Development for Suicide Prevention

Professional Development for Suicide Prevention

State law requires districts to provide professional development for school personnel on youth suicide prevention.

Utah Administrative Code R277-620-1. Authority and Purpose.

(1) This rule is authorized under:

  • (a) Utah Constitution Article X Section 3 which vests general control and supervision of public education in the Board; and
  • (b) Section 53E-3-401(4) which allows the Board to adopt rules in accordance with its responsibilities.

(2) The purposes of this rule are:

  • (a) to provide for collaboration with the Department of Health and Department of Human Services to establish, oversee, and provide model policies, programs for an LEA and training for parents about youth suicide prevention programs;
  • (b) to require an LEA to have and update youth protection policies; and
  • (c) to direct an LEA to send notice to parents and protect the confidentiality of the required parent notification record regarding bullying and suicide incidents.
Policy Type

Utah Administrative Code R277-620-3. Youth suicide prevention grants - LEA reporting requirements.

(1) The Superintendent, in collaboration with the Department of Health - State Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health and the State suicide prevention coordinator, shall establish model youth suicide prevention programs for LEAs that include training and resources addressing:

  • (a) prevention of youth suicides;
  • (b) standard response protocols that utilize trauma informed practices, which may reference the ACES or other empirical data;
  • (c) youth suicide intervention; and
  • (d) postvention for family, students, and faculty.

(2) Based on legislative appropriation, the Board shall distribute funds to LEAs to support suicide prevention efforts in the school district or charter school.

  • (a) An LEA may use the awarded funds to select and implement:
  • (i) evidenced-based practices and programs; or
  • (ii) emerging best practices and programs.

(3) An LEA shall implement youth suicide prevention programs for students in secondary grades, including grades 7 through 12 and grade 6, if grade 6 is part of a secondary grade model.

(4) An LEA's youth suicide prevention program shall include the components provided in Subsection 53G-9-702(2).

(5) An LEA shall establish a policy governing the required parent notification outlined in Sections 53G-9-604(2) and 53G-9-605(3)(e) and Subsection R277-613-4.

(6) An LEA shall provide necessary reporting information consistent with Subsection 53G-9-702(7) for the Board's report on the coordination of suicide prevention programs and seminar program implementation to the Legislature's Education Interim Committee.

Policy Type

Utah Code 53F-2-519. Appropriation for school nurses.


  • (a) A school district or charter school that is awarded a grant under this section shall require each school nurse employed by the school district or charter school to complete two hours of continuing nurse education on the emotional and mental health of students.
  • (b) The continuing nurse education described in Subsection (2)(a) shall include training on:
  • (i) the awareness of, screening for, and triaging to appropriate treatment for mental health problems;
  • (ii) trauma-informed care;
  • (iii) signs of mental illness;
  • (iv) alcohol and substance abuse;
  • (v) response to acute mental health crises; and
  • (vi) suicide prevention, including information about the 24-hour availability of the SafeUT Crisis Line established under Section 53B-17-1202.
Policy Type

Utah Code 53G-9-702. Youth suicide prevention programs required in secondary schools - State board to develop model programs

(2) In collaboration with the public education suicide prevention coordinator, a school district or charter school, in the secondary grades of the school district or charter school, shall implement a youth suicide prevention program, which, in collaboration with the training, programs, and initiatives described in Section 53G-9-607, shall include programs and training to address:

  • (a) bullying and cyberbullying, as those terms are defined in Section 53G-9-601;
  • (b) prevention of youth suicide;
  • (c) increased risk of suicide among youth who are not accepted by family for any reason, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning youth;
  • (d) youth suicide intervention;
  • (e) postvention for family, students, and faculty;
  • (f) underage drinking of alcohol;
  • (g) methods of strengthening the family; and
  • (h) methods of strengthening a youth’s relationships in the school and community.
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Utah Code 53G-9-704. Youth suicide prevention training for employees.

(1) A school district or charter school shall require a licensed employee to complete a minimum of two hours of professional development training on youth suicide prevention every three years. (2) The state board shall:

  • (a) develop or adopt sample materials to be used by a school district or charter school for professional development training on youth suicide prevention; and
  • (b) incorporate in rule the training described in Subsection (1) into professional development training described in Section 53E-6-201.
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Youth Suicide Prevention Training

This document addresses incorporating suicide prevention in professional development

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