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Staff Wellness Program—Stress Management

Staff Wellness Program—Stress Management

State law addresses stress management.

Local School Wellness Policy: Guide for Development

This document provides guidance for schools in their development of local wellness policies to meet state and federal requirements and encourages schools to implement staff wellness programs that address health screenings, stress reduction and management, smoking cessation, physical activity, and healthy food policies.

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Mississippi Code 41-97-9 State Employee Wellness Program

(3) Creation of model program;  designation of coordinator.

  • (a) The department may designate a statewide wellness coordinator to create and develop for use by state agencies a model statewide wellness program to improve the health and wellness of state employees. The wellness program may include:
  • (i) Education that targets the most costly or prevalent health care claims, including information addressing stress management, nutrition, healthy eating habits, alcohol and drug abuse, physical activity, disease prevention, and smoking cessation;
  • (ii) The dissemination or use of available health risk assessment tools and programs, including surveys that identify an employee's risk level for health-related problems and programs that suggest to employees methods for minimizing risks;
  • (iii) The development of strategies for the promotion of health, nutritional and fitness-related resources in state agencies;
  • (iv) The development and promotion of environmental change strategies that integrate healthy behaviors and physical activity, including recommending healthy food choices in snack bars, vending machines and state-run cafeterias located in state buildings; and
  • (v) Optional incentives to encourage participation in the wellness program, including providing flexibility in employee scheduling to allow for physical activity and participation in the wellness program and coordinating discounts with gyms and fitness centers across the state.
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