Kentucky - HE K-12 curriculum—alcohol and drug use/abuse (HS): Curricula

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State law addresses alcohol and drug use/abuse.

Kentucky Academic Standards for High School Health Education

G. PL-H-PW-S-ATOD: Skills and Concepts – Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs

Students will…

PL-H-PW-S-ATOD1: demonstrate an understanding of the use and misuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs by: (NHES: 1)

  • PL-H-PW-S-ATOD1.a: distinguishing between legal (e.g., over the counter, prescription drugs) and illegal drugs (e.g., inhalants, marijuana, stimulants, depressants) and describing how their usage affects the body systems (NHES: 1)

  • PL-H-PW-S-ATOD1.b: predicting the immediate/long-term effects of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drug usage and analyzing the impact on an individual’s health (NHES: 1)

  • PL-H-PW-S-ATOD1.c: recommending interventions (e.g., cease enabling activities), treatments (e.g., AA, outpatient therapy, group therapy) and other strategies (e.g., enhancing self esteem, building skills for success) as forms of help for negative behaviors or addictions (e.g., drug addictions, eating disorders) (NHES: 1)

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