Connecticut - HE K-12 curriculum—bullying prevention (MS): Curricula

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State law addresses bullying prevention.

General Statues of Connecticut Sec. 10-222g. Prevention and intervention strategy re bullying and teen dating violence.

For the purposes of section 10-222d, the term “prevention and intervention strategy” may include, but is not limited to, (1) implementation of a positive behavioral interventions and supports process or another evidence-based model approach for safe school climate or for the prevention of bullying and teen dating violence identified by the Department of Education, (2) school rules prohibiting bullying, teen dating violence, harassment and intimidation and establishing appropriate consequences for those who engage in such acts, (3) adequate adult supervision of outdoor areas, hallways, the lunchroom and other specific areas where bullying or teen dating violence is likely to occur, (4) inclusion of grade-appropriate bullying and teen dating violence education and prevention curricula in kindergarten through high school

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