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Health Education K-12 Curriculum—Tobacco Use—ES

Health Education K-12 Curriculum—Tobacco Use—ES

State law addresses tobacco use.

North Dakota Century Code 15.1-21-01. Elementary and middle schools - Required instruction.

In order to be approved by the superintendent of public instruction, each public and nonpublic elementary and middle school shall provide to students instruction in:

  1. English language arts, including reading, composition, creative writing, English grammar, and spelling.
  2. Mathematics.
  3. Social studies, including: a. The United States Constitution; b. United States history; c. Geography; d. Government; and e. North Dakota studies, with an emphasis on the geography, history, and agriculture of this state, in the fourth and eighth grades.
  4. Science, including agriculture.
  5. Physical education.
  6. Health, including physiology, hygiene, disease control, and the nature and effects of alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics.
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