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Health Education K-12 Curriculum—Tobacco Use—ES

Health Education K-12 Curriculum—Tobacco Use—ES

State law addresses tobacco use.

District of Columbia Municipal Regulations 2304 Comprehensive School Health Education

2034.3 The Superintendent shall ensure that health instruction as defined in this section is taught through the use of appropriate monitoring and establishment of minimum proficiencies or learning outcomes in at least eleven (11) content areas including the following:

  • (a) HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases;
  • (b) Human sexuality and family;
  • (c) Prevention and control of disease;
  • (d) Nutrition and dietary patterns that contribute to disease;
  • (e) Tobacco, alcohol, and other drug education;
  • (f) Physical education;
  • (g) Parenting;
  • (h) Coping with life situations;
  • (i) CPR, first aid, safety; injury and violence prevention;
  • (j) Consumer health; and
  • (k) Environmental health.
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